• School of Nursing logoDarden Executive Education and the UVA School of Nursing are pleased to announce the launch of a new partnership program, Leadership Partners in Healthcare Management. This program was developed specifically for physician and nurse leaders working together to lead their unit, department, or service line's clinical, operational, and strategic outcomes. The success of these leadership teams has a significant impact on patient outcomes, hospital efficiency and safety, yet leadership and management training has historically been focused on nurses and physicians separately and not on training nurse and physician pairs to lead together. In an era where patients, insurers and regulators expect cutting-edge, safe and reliable care that is more efficient and costs less, the Leadership Partners in Healthcare Management program focuses on practical, purposeful collaboration and service leadership techniques that improve the professional environment and quality of patient care, as well as reduce waste, error and attrition. 

    Clinicians and hospitals are expected to improve quality and patient outcomes effectively and efficiently — our program puts emphasis on the development of interprofessional clinical partners who lead highly effective, productive teams to achieve that end goal.
    Ken White, Associate Dean for Strategic Partnerships and Innovation, UVA School of Nursing and Professor of Business Administration, Darden School of Business

    Engaging both business and healthcare thought leaders from Darden and the School of Nursing, sets of physician and nurse pairs, or dyads, collaborate through case studies, workshops, role-playing activities and simulated scenarios to learn first-hand the importance of strong communication, collaboration and mutual respect to improve interprofessional understanding and optimize efficiency. Ultimately, these leadership teams will leverage these critical management and communication skills to bridge relationships with non-clinical administration as well as their departments, leading to more efficient operations that improve the bottom line for their health system or hospital.

    The Leadership Partners in Healthcare Management program represents the beginning of expanded offerings through Darden Executive Education's partnership with the UVA School of Nursing, with a goal to provide much needed business and leadership training specific to healthcare in order to drive industry-wide culture change.