• The energy industry is made up of businesses involved in the production, sale and/or conservation of energy. Career opportunities in the energy sector vary from traditional jobs at large oil, gas and utility companies to business development roles at small renewable energy companies.

    Darden's interactive approach to training leaders in the world of practical affairs equips students with the ability to think on their feet and to apply effective problem-solving techniques to this evolving field.


    The following courses incorporate energy cases into the curriculum:

    Please note: courses are subject to change each year. Consult the course directory for the most up-to-date course offerings.

    Clubs & Events

    • Energy Club - The Energy Club at Darden builds a solid understanding among club members of the energy industry and its career tracks, facilitates career opportunities in energy-related companies, and enhances Darden's relationships within the energy industry.
    • Net Impact, Renewable Energy and Education Summer Internship Panel - Second Year students share details about their summer internship experiences, tips on networking, and advice on how to search for positions in not-for-profit, renewable energy, public sector and sustainability.
    • Sustainability and Renewable Energy Conference - This annual conference brings together business leaders and students in an interactive panel format to discuss business and policy challenges as the world transitions to a reduced carbon economy.

    Darden Energy Startups

    • Husk Power Systems (HPS) - Two Darden Class of 2009 graduates started this company, which provides power to tens of thousands of rural Indians in a financially sustainable, scalable, environmentally friendly and profitable manner. HPS has created proprietary technology that cost-effectively converts rice husks into electricity.
    • Clean India - Three recent Darden graduates have won over $100,000 for their Clean India business plan, which describes a for-profit model to treat and recycle contaminated water discharged by Indian garment-makers. An algae byproduct of the process has applications in various sustainable energy generation systems like biofuels and electricity.
    • Energy Guardian - This company, founded by Darden students and an engineering graduate student, provides personal energy coaching, automates energy savings and provides energy control from any internet-enabled device. Energy Guardian also provides service that keeps consumers on the cutting edge of Smart Grid developments and a community for a grassroots effort to live more efficiently and cost-effectively.


    The following faculty teach, conduct research or have worked in energy:


    Still have questions? Feel free to contact the following students and alumni to ask specific questions about energy at Darden or in their careers. For additional contacts, please visit the Darden Student and Alumni Ambassadors list.

    Brandon Ogelvie (MBA '08)

    Previous Education: B.S., Mathematics, University of Miami; B.S. Civil Engineering, Purdue University; and M.S. Civil Engineering, Purdue University
    Company: Intrinergy
    Role: Business and Project Development
    Current location: Richmond, VA

    "Darden’s hands-on interactive approach to training leaders in the world of practical affairs equipped me with the skills to execute successfully across all business disciplines. Finance, Operations, Marketing, Managerial Communications, Government Relations, Entrepreneurial Thinking, Decision Analysis, General Management, Negotiating, and so on – you name it, I’ve used it over the past year."

    Matt Langley (MBA '08)

    Undergraduate education: Johns Hopkins University
    Undergraduate major: Economics and East Asian Studies
    Company: Clipper Windpower Development Company
    Role: Business Development
    Current location: Carpinteria, CA

    "The energy field is a fascinating space because it is moving quickly. Success requires you to think on your feet, and to apply rigorous problem solving techniques to extremely fluid situations. Darden’s commitment to the case method and to student-led learning taught me how to articulate my ideas and how to apply a set of tools to solving complex problems. This is a critical part of my career."