Career Switchers

  • One of the most common reasons that students pursue MBAs is to facilitate a career switch to a new industry or job function. In fact, more than 70% of Darden students come to business school planning to switch career paths. Thankfully, Darden has many resources for Career Switchers, such as our Career Discovery Forums and Industry Panels, events designed to provide first year students with an opportunity to learn more about MBA careers in a variety of functions and Industries.

    In the following video, Raphael Swann (MBA '16) describes how Darden prepared him from a switch from the entertainment industry to a career in finance.

    In addition to Career Discovery Forums and Industry Panels, Darden professors employ the case study method, exposing students to hundreds of real life examples of problems encountered by businesses in a variety of functions and industries. Rather than lecture, the case method allows our professors to place students in the shoes of business leaders as they diagnose real-life cases, identify problems, analyze data, prioritize objectives, and make decisions.

    The Darden Career Development Center also employs a team of industry-experienced Career Advisors and Second Year Coaches to help guide and coach our students through the entire recruiting process, including any career switches that students may be partaking in. In the following video, Elisabeth Benson-Allott (MBA '17) describes how Darden's Career Development Center prepared her for a career switch.