• The Darden alumni network extends across the United States and around the world in 90 countries. Our graduates work in companies in New York, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle, Dallas, Boston, Shanghai and beyond. View Darden's Employment Reports for more information.

    Where Do Darden Graduates Go?

    The table below includes geographic information from the Class of 2018: 

    Region Accepted Offers Average Base Salary
    Mid-Atlantic 18% $133,676
    Midwest 8% $129,777
    Northeast 31% $127,991
    South 12% $130,000
    Southwest 5% $132,219
    West 18% $127,877
    International 7% $95,048
    Total 100% $127,767

    *Percentages have been rounded

    Recruiters Seek Darden MBAs

    Over 140 companies travel to Charlottesville, Virginia each year to recruit Darden students. Each company posts opportunities prior to their visit, and Darden students can apply and potentially interview for positions around the U.S. and abroad while the companies are on Grounds.

    In addition to the companies that travel to Charlottesville, hundreds more post opportunities online for Darden MBAs. In total, approximately 1,300 job postings are posted each year.

    Learn about the variety of career search resources for students.

    Job Treks

    Every year, groups of Darden students travel the country and the globe on organized job treks to visit companies and geographic areas that they are interested in.  Job treks typically include a series of company visits, including meetings with executives and hiring managers, as well as social events with local alumni.

    Approximately 15 – 20 job treks take place each year in locations such as Charlotte, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Hong Kong, Shanghai and more. Locations are chosen based on student interest and vary from year to year.