• A Darden MBA coupled with military experience provides a competitive advantage in the business world. Darden is dedicated to the education of the whole person with the goal of enhancing and sharpening the wide range of transferable skills already finely honed in the military:

    • Leadership
    • Discipline
    • Decision-making
    • Teamwork
    • Ethical behavior

    Students with military experience comprise between 7 – 9% of the incoming Darden class each year. Darden military veterans represent a pool that is rich in diversity — both in experiences and backgrounds — and they have made an impact as leaders both inside and outside of the classroom. Their leadership and management skills are highly valued, and the team-oriented, case method style of learning at Darden is a perfect fit for their skills.

    Read Professor and Dean Emeritus Robert F. Bruner's blog post, " Generosity and Veteran's Day", for his reflections on military leadership and why "we actively seek excellent students from the ranks of the military." Military MBA named the Darden School of Business one of the top 20 Best Value MBA Schools for Veterans Using the New GI Bill.

    Military Scholarships, Application Fee Waivers & Admissions Information

    Visit the Military Applicants page for information about:

    • Military scholarships
    • Application fee waivers
    • Military Consortium
    • Admissions contacts

    Contact Military Students & Alumni

    Learn about the military community at Darden by contacting the leaders of the Darden Military Association.

    The Darden Military Association

    The Darden Military Association (DMA) is an active and vibrant club. The mission of the DMA is to assist members in leveraging former and current military experiences to enhance career opportunities within the private sector, build esprit de corps and camaraderie within the Darden Community and host lively leisure events. The DMA hosts a monthly speaker series, numerous social events and opportunities for networking with alumni. DMA members also serve as mentors to incoming students.

    Darden Military Videos

    Military Veterans and Darden: A Perfect Fit

    Ready to Transition From the Military to the Private Sector

    Balancing Family Life with Darden's MBA Program

    Military Leadership Electives

    The Darden School of Business recently created two new courses, specifically designed for students with a military background:

    • 8500E Military Leadership Laboratory (limited to active reservists)
    • 8500F Military Leadership Laboratory (limited to former military)

    These courses, developed through the initiative of members of the Darden Military Association and a Darden professor, were created to provide seminars where veterans can share their leadership insights and develop ways to use them in a civilian career. The reservist course will be a real time survey of challenges faced by leading soldiers as reserve officers.