• Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Sustainability

    What will students gain from this program?

    Students will gain insights into the business successes and opportunities associated with products, systems and services informed by sustainability principles. Swedish companies and municipalities have pioneered these principles, inspired by realities and parameters of pollution limits, ecological system laws and the conscious human aspiration to reduce if not eliminate social inequities, creating a seedbed of innovation that has influenced markets worldwide.

    Students return from the Global Immersion Course having gained a deep understanding of how and why sustainability principles have generated new markets and extensive business opportunities globally for the entrepreneurially-minded.

    Academic Program Overview

    Stockholm is a vital hub of entrepreneurship and innovation in Europe, particularly in sustainability and green technologies. Hosted by the Stockholm School of Economics, Darden students will spend a week investigating the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Stockholm and learning how the city has become a hub for green technology innovation and commercialization. The trip will include meetings with Swedish entrepreneurs, business leaders, government agencies and visits to companies offering new technologies and services that reduce, if not eliminate, waste, ecological system damage, and adverse human health impacts while addressing social inequity concerns.

    Faculty Lead

     Sam Bodily

    Jolene Bodily


    12–18 May 2019

    What have students said about the program?

    "An unforgettable experience that gave me a newfound appreciation for Swedish business culture and the environmental responsibility that is ingrained within it."

    "I thought the program was great — it was the perfect amount of time (1 week) and offered a great overview of business life in Sweden. I loved the combination of lectures, company visits, tourist attractions and consulting project — it offered a great variety."

    "DWC Sweden is important for those who are going to pursue career in sustainability development or public policy."

    "For a flexible exploration of an incredible city, with great food, easy transportation, and a strong focus on the environment, technology, and innovation, look no further than the Stockholm course."

    "The progressiveness of Stockholm, combined with program's focus on entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability, makes the course a dynamic and highly enjoyable learning and social experience."

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