Design Thinking

  • Design thinking is a creative problem-solving approach in which managers apply the mindset and methods of designers to develop innovative products, processes and business models. This fuels growth and innovation within organizations in competitive markets. Companies such as Apple, 3M, Toyota, IBM, Intuit and IDEO have demonstrated how design thinking can improve business results.

    Leading in the field of design thinking is Darden Professor Jeanne Liedtka, who works with MBA students to explore how organizations can engage employees in thinking creatively about solving problems and pursuing opportunities by using the tools of design.

    Design Thinking MBA Courses

    Innovation and Design Experience

    The " Innovation and Design Experience" course examines how design thinking and innovation principles can be used to enhance the value and accelerate the development of business opportunities that deliver organic growth. Students apply design methodologies and innovation tools in a live, corporate project, working closely with a client company with a real problem to solve. Students learn how to employ a business-design framework that includes:

    • Identifying new business opportunities based on market needs
    • Designing and testing breakthrough concepts
    • Developing a viable business strategy and multi-functional operating model

    Design@Darden Resources

    Are you interested in learning more about organizational growth and innovation through design thinking? Design@Darden is a collaborative online community that provides several videos, books, articles and other free resources to individuals interested in creative problem solving.

    The Darden Business Innovation & Design Club exists to foster a community around, promote the ideals of, and encourage career paths that incorporate design methodologies in leading organizations, solving business challenges, and facilitating innovation.