Global Consulting Project Client Information

  • Global Consulting Projects facilitate collaboration between Darden MBA students and organizations facing a pressing international business challenge. These challenges are current and relevant to the overall success and growth of the organization. Generally, they are non-recurring issues or projects that impact the organization.

    Darden students receive academic credit if chosen to consult with a client through a Global Consulting Project. Students are organized into small teams (two to four members) and work closely with Darden faculty to provide remote and/or virtual consulting to solve the client's current business challenge. Students are required to visit the client location in order to scope the issue, build on-the-ground knowledge, provide deliverables and discuss solutions with the client.

    Client Benefits

    • Gain a cost-efficient, realistic analysis or solution to a current business issue
    • Access to a team devoted and motivated to focus exclusively on one particular challenge
    • Benefit from outside and diverse perspectives examining the challenge from multiple angles
    • Develop relationships with future business leaders who are specifically interested in your industry, country and region
    • Opportunities to learn from the students as they learn from you, providing mutually beneficial collaboration and cross-cultural engagement
    • Results from a team that has been mentored by top Darden faculty

    Student Benefits

    • Gain additional experience solving real-world problems and enjoy the ability to affect real change
    • Hone international leadership and cross-cultural skill sets
    • Learn to navigate remote business relationships and to work on a virtual team
    • Work under the guidance of a client and a faculty member

    Client Testimonials

    • "There were several projects that I had not been able to start on my own due to the lack of resources and time. Having the Darden team actually forced me to start these pilot programs. It was sure great to have them help me with the pilots" - Spring 2017 Global Consulting Project Client based in California and Japan
    • "The students added to the thinking process around our capital campaign, both with comparative case studies and suggestions." - Spring 2017 Global Consulting Project Client based in France
    • "The Darden Team not only delivered an outstanding product and taught us some new tools, they also had a very positive impact on our team. our team was impressed with their energy level, curiosity, intellect, drive and collaborative approach. We are looking forward to having another team join us soon." - Fall 2016 Global Consulting Project Client based in Hong Kong
    • "The work the team did was great, and we are going to hand the work they did off to some of our MBA interns this summer for implementation!" - Spring 2016 Global Consulting Project Client
    • "Darden students gave us solutions for almost all our challenges, such as: our market, needs and the demands in Africa, the technology pricing model, potential local partners (that we did not know existed), course delivery model with the right time, and how to increase our visibility. They gave us the Road Map that we did not have before."  - Fall 2015 Global Consulting Project Client based in Kenya
    • "The students provided great advice and information on how a technology company like ours can raise funds, go IPO, and find investors. It is very valuable."  - Fall 2015 Global Consulting Project Client based in Taiwan
    • "Their [the consulting team] work will be a foundation for our efforts with [product] introduction into the Chinese market.”  - Fall 2014 Global Consulting Project Client based in the U.S.
    • “We are now starting a pilot with the suggestions done by the students to improve international recruitment.”  - Fall 2014 Global Consulting Project Client based in the Netherlands
    • “In our case, the students helped identify important information regarding raw material sourcing and developed a procurement and transportation model around this information. The process was centered around solid interviews, research, and data so the recommendations from it are very practical. This work laid down a good foundation for [our company] to further refine its supply chain system and saved the company a lot of time and energy during its very busy start-up stage."  - Fall 2014 Global Consulting Project Client, based in China and the U.S.
    • "The Darden team gave valuable inputs toward a better implementation of the MOOCs project.” - Fall 2014 Global Consulting Project client based in the Philippines

    Project Proposal

    If your organization has a pressing global business challenge and you would like to work with a team of second year Darden students, please contact:

    Kate Beach
    Director, Global Engagement
    Darden Center for Global Initiatives